Innovation Station Evolution


The Innovation Station is evolving. The physical Innovation Station started off in 2010 as three workstations in a small area behind the PD room. We experimented with providing staff with resources and support in a new informal way. At the same time, we launched the online Innovation Station to share case studies of those trying new things and a list of technology tools that could help staff become more innovative.

Late last term, we moved the Innovation Station to C043, in order to provide more space for collaboration, sharing and gathering. Our doors are partially open during our Guided hours (Monday – 9-11AM, Wednesday – 2-4PM and Friday – 9-11AM), variety of lunch and learn sessions and regular Tech Tuesdays hosted by Jerome Mizon and Louisa Lambrets.

The doors will fully open and the name will change to the Innovation Centre when the room is completely renovated. C043 will mimic the design of many of the new collaborative spaces on campus.  Staff will then have a space to experiment with new technologies like the SmartBoards and podiums, collaborate using versatile space with white board walls and large screens, and we will have access to current tablets and laptops to get our work done. The room should be updated and the site revised before the end of this term. We hope everyone will take the time to come see the improvements and share the experience.

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