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Audacity is an open source software that allows users to record and edit sounds. Audacity could create an avenue for students to submit assignments in audio formats, and allow for the creation of audio lectures for visually impaired students.

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Click here to read the Audacity case study about using Audacity to explain assignments.

Click here to read and hear the case study on using Audacity to record lectures.

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  1. Patti Church
    Patti Church04-13-2010

    I have used Audacity to voice record the directions for our major assignment in Introduction to Marketing. I run Audacity from my laptop, record the audio recording as I explain the project including the outline, resources and marking rubric. This allows students with different learning styles, with disabilities, foreign students and those that missed the class the chance to receive a comprehensive review of the project. I then upload the MP4 slide to the list of resources for the assignment and add a link in the announcements.

  2. Louisa Lambregts
    Louisa Lambregts04-15-2010

    Audacity is powerful freeware for editing audio files. I’ve used it to capture narration and to edit music for videos. It is important to know that you need to download a LAME mp3 encoder separately — in addition to downloading and installing the Audacity software. The site provides very clear instructions on how to do this:
    Look under “Installation and Plug-Ins”.

  3. Jim Panchuk
    Jim Panchuk05-05-2010

    Audacity is a great tool for recording/editing audio files. I’ve used it a number of times to edit out portions of interviews available on CBC podcasts that are relevant to course material. Then I post the edited version to my eclassroom space and put a link to it in blackboard so that the students can find it easily. I’ve also used it to create intros for in-class games. There is a good variety of audio manipulation tools that allow you to create a professional quality sound byte.

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