Our Doors Are Open for All Employees!


The Innovation Centre is now open for all employees at the College. This space is yours to use in what ever way works best for you and your colleagues.

As an individual, use this space to explore new technologies including presentation systems such as the SMART boards and podiums or explore tablet options such as iPads, Asus products and a variety of laptops. You can also just shake things up and try working in a different physical space to see what creative juices start flowing.

As a small group, use the Innovation Centre to explore ideas and work collaboratively. The large screens, SMART board and variety of white boards can come in handy when sharing ideas and information. Teams can also come together in C043 to conduct learning sessions of many different kinds and different configurations because of the flexible design.

  • Work on your own in an inviting environment that offers new technology to explore
  • Use this collaborative space for brainstorming sessions or training sessions of all kinds
  • Come together across departments or programs to explore new ways of working together and share your findings using this dynamic environment.

We are very interested in your feedback on how this space can be used.  A few suggestions from our opening events:


Additional suggestions have included: one-on-one PD, a variety of PD and “keep things open so we can figure it out as we go”.


Remember that you staff ID must be keyed for access. If you have keyless access to an area in your department already, your new ID should work on C043.  Otherwise, you will have to join us during Guided Innovation hours to have your ID set up.

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