Prezi is a one-canvas ‘zooming’ presentation creator. It offers a handful of format options and endless white space to conceptualize your presentation and make strong linkages between ideas and concepts. Some features include the Image uploader which upload an image onto the whiteboard as the background, allowing you to share it, mark it, add text or video and highlight key elements. Presentations can be shared and have multi-user capabilities.

Click here to visit Prezi.

Click here for a quick blog post on President Gillet’s Prezi.

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  1. Patti Church
    Patti Church04-13-2010

    I have only taken a quick look. I have seen a few presentations that have used it. It’s different and uses a very different approach but look s limited in creative features. Prezi presentations seem to look all the same.

    • Church Patti
      Church Patti05-11-2010

      I’ve given it a try and I like it. I think it has limited use because of the limited visual approaches but it handles video INCREDIBLY well and the overall effect is slick. I’m not keen on the browser requirement of Safari.

  2. Ian McVitty
    Ian McVitty08-24-2010

    Tried Prezi out this summer to see if it would replace PP for class presentations and agree on the limitations.
    Online presentations can be slow and rely on a good web connection. Large videos take a long time to upload and the interface is a little…let’s say unintuitive.
    But….like anything new, I think it has fantastic potential. Will use it this semester for a course that only requires a short presentation.

    Really like re-thinking everything I present from the ground up.

    • Patti Church
      Patti Church08-25-2010

      I also have taken a look at Prezi again this summer. I am using it for one of my big lectures in a new course. It’s definitely ‘finicky’ but I like the impact of it and it definitely makes you think holistically like mind mapping.

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