Skype consists of free internet calling (audio and video) and screen sharing. It allows users to make video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with other Skype users.

Click here to visit Skype.

Click here to read a Skype case study on bringing a speaker into class.

Click here to read a case study on using Skype for office hours.

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  1. Patti Church
    Patti Church04-13-2010

    I have used Skype often for meeting with clients in other cities. With the screen sharing features I have also worked with graphic artists and walked through changes on screen by sharing the mouse of one screen.

    I have also used it to collaborate with a small group of students on a project with industry. You are limited to 3 users I believe which was fine for our project.

    One limitation is that both parties have to have the software and an address set up. Inn only take about 5 minutes to download the software.

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