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Candied Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

By Mark Steele, Executive Chef, Algonquin College

It’s Fall Harvest Time…

What to do with all those apples!??

applesOne of the things that I love about the Fall is the bounty of fresh apples plucked right from the orchard. If you have not been to a local area farm lately to experience this special treat first hand, what are you waiting for? The Ottawa Valley has a multitude of family friendly farms where you can pick your own fruit for a small fee.

This time of year,  I always end up with more freshly picked apples than I could ever possibly eat on their own. But with a little creativity in the kitchen, I have no problem using up my apple stash in pleasing and sometimes surprising ways.

Take this Candied Butternut Squash & Apple Soup, which features ginger, maple syrup, and of course, apples. I recently made this at home using fresh McIntosh apples, which resulted in a smooth and subtle flavour. However, don’t hesitate to experiment with other varieties which may add more of a zip or a zing to the overall effect. Read more…

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Two Chefs on the Road

Written By David Keindel

Over 50 But Not Over the Hill

Culinary Chef Mario Ramsay and Pastry Chef Chris Rutishauser, full time faculty at Algonquin College in Ottawa, have cycled from Jasper Alberta, all the way home to Ottawa in less than 30 days.

In addition to the personal challenge, a key element of the adventure for the pair was to provide inspiration for their students at Algonquin College. The riders want to remind students to set goals, strive for excellence, and maintain an active lifestyle throughout their careers and lives.

Both riders spent months preparing physically, riding their bikes to work at the College regularly and on weekend outings, to build strength and endurance. They spent time planning the route and deciding on the correct supplies that would allow them to camp in tents as often as possible, and still maintain a pace that would get them home in less than 30 days.

Read more…

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Professor Booker

Professor Booker is the creation of Algonquin professor Phil Jones, professor/coordinator of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Management program. Syndicated cartoonist and illustrator ‘Ronnie’, draws the cartoon.
Professor Booker Cartoon "Wake-Up Call"

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icon for post Algonquin Reads is Back !

Algonquin Reads is back again for our second year, championing the book by Zoe Whittall entitled Holding Still For As Long As Possible.  Get the book at a great price at the First Class bookstore – best price anywhere, or check it out from the LRC/Library.   Read the book and join in our events and activities throughout the year!

Here is what Lynne Eagan, Coordinator, College Preparation, had to say about this year’s book:

I am pleased Algonquin Reads chose Holding Still for as Long as Possible as the book for the Algonquin community to read this year.  By coincidence, I read this book this summer and I found that the voices were not ones I had heard before.  I felt the book gave me some insight into a lives and feelings of twenty somethings living in downtown Toronto.  The characters in this book, I expect, are not much different from many of the students walking the halls of Algonquin.  This book can provide a great spring board for discussion about who these young people are.  I am particularly looking forward to meeting the author. Read more…

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Picture of Unsung HeroOur Algonquin colleagues do wonderful, amazing things everyday that make our work lives easier and more enjoyable. Some receive formal recognition through initiatives such as the annual Staff Awards program. However, perhaps there are times throughout the year when you wish to express gratitude to a fellow employee. Could be someone in your own department, from another department or another campus.

This feature is a place to shine a light on the “behind the scenes” unsung heroes whose special actions are perhaps not as visible.

Spring 2010 Kudos Winners

>Gallery of Previous Winners

How to Nominate a Colleague for “Kudos”

Prepare a note that completes the information below. Print and send via Internal Mail to Live Laugh Learn c/o C134.

  • Your Name (optional – can can nominate someone anonymously)
  • Your Email Address (optional – but helps us if we need any clarification)
  • Nominee’s Name
  • Write a few sentences to describe who you are nominating and why you feel this person deserves kudos.  Anonymous nominations can be made by not completing the above information. 


What Will Nominees Receive?

  • A “Kudos Corner” ribbon with a fun “kudos” message and Live Laugh Learn pen
  • A profile with picture and why they were nominated in the Live Laugh Learn newsletter
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