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Bidding farewell to Brenda Chartrand Brenda Chartrand

Brenda Chartrand shares a few of her Algonquin memorable moments with us…

I have grown up in the Pembroke Algonquin Family! I graduated from the Secretarial Science Program in 1975 and was hired at that time.  For many years, I was secretary to Frank Havey, the Campus Director, before moving on to Finance.  One of my best memories is that Frank arranged for me to work a 4 day work week while my sons were young.  He knew how important my family was to me.  In my job, I have been able to meet with students at Open House or Games Day, then follow their progress until they walk across the stage at on Graduation Day. I know their names and they know mine.  It is a really special feeling.

When I think about my years with Algonquin, and how I feel about those years — the word VALUED comes to mind. The people I worked for and with have made me feel that way. I have been able to use my judgment and my decisions have been supported.  My co-workers are dedicated and lots of fun.  Our campus is small and everyone knows everyone. It makes the good times better and the bad times more bearable.

In retirement I will have more time for family, friends, hobbies and travel.

I am on the Staff/Retiree New Campus Fund Raising Committee and I will continue to be a part of that until our new campus is build on the beautiful Ottawa River.

Brenda Chartrand

Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley

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