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Bidding farewell to Sue LomasSue Lomas

An Interview with Sue Lomas on her Retirement …

“I started to work as a part-time Nursing Instructor in 1980.  I took some time off to have our third child and started teaching again in 1986.  For about 5 years I worked part-time at Algonquin College, Heritage College, and the University of Ottawa, all as a Nursing Professor with students in the clinical setting in the maternal newborn area.”

Sue shares a few of her Algonquin memorable moments with us…

“I have many notable memorable moments but some special ones are:
1. Attending convocation as a nursing professor and watching the students graduate, especially some of those students who had excelled and who had been a joy to work with, and even more especially some of those who had had to work a little harder to succeed.

2. Actually being involved in the planning and organizing of convocation while I worked in the Registrar’s Office was very exciting and the first year I can remember being amazed by how smoothly everything went behind the scenes.”

What Sue will miss the most about Algonquin College…

“Absolutely I will miss the people.  I remember feeling that the nursing faculty members were such a committed group of people both to their profession and their students.

Then I realized that the staff in the Registrar’s Office were also such a dedicated group of people who were committed to helping students succeed.

And finally, I learned that across this College, we have such a dedicated group of professors, admin and support staff and program advisory committee members, all of whom are committed to helping students succeed.”

Sue’s plans for retirement…

“Many people have asked me what I plan to do when I retire and my immediate response is ‘Whatever I want to!’

For starters, I plan to “crash” for the summer and relax at the cottage and enjoy my children and grandchildren and some visits with family and friends from Nova Scotia.

Bob and I have a trip to eastern Canada planned for September. (Planning a trip after summer vacation is over seems surreal and I think I will finally realize that I am retired when this happens.)

I have renewed my membership at the library and have an updated card for both Calabogie and Kanata given I hope to do lots of reading.

I am hoping to make lots of photo albums – some for my grandchildren and to re-do old albums that are not in acid free albums.

I expect I will increase my community volunteer hours given I have had to restrict the amount of community service I have been able to do in the last few years, but expect that I will volunteer for specific projects that have a fixed timeline, rather than volunteer for a specific position that may have regular meetings tied to it.

That’s enough planning for now

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