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Algonquin Employees Celebrate Wellness Week!

Wellness Week

Photo by Tara Shapransky, Algonquin Times

Algonquin College employees celebrated Canada’s Healthy Workplace from 1 – 5 November, 2010 with 230 participants registered in 21 well attended workshops.  The Centre for Organizational Learning together with Algonquin’s wellness partners planned the event around the wellness themes of “healthy mind”, “healthy body” and “healthy workplace”.  Internal and external facilitators led a wide variety of workshops including “Improving Immunity with Nutrition”, “Office Ergonomics”, “Cartooning for Stress Relief/Fun/Relaxation”, “Move & Rejuvenate in Your Workspace”, “Classical Feng Shui”, “Photography for the Soul” and “Help Get Your Children from High School to a Career”.  Algonquin’s benefits provider, Sun Life Financial also delivered a few workshops including “New Homes, New Needs”, “Transition & Change” and “Retirement Planning”.  Various fitness workshops were held including “Yoga”, “Zumba”, and “Belly Dance”.   Great connections were made via participation in a 5 km Walk challenge at all three Algonquin main campuses.  Algonquin wellness partners kindly donated fabulous prizes that were awarded to participants at each of the workshops and events.  This year we are fortunate to have four volunteer, 4th year BSc Nursing students working with us through a community project.  Their educational campaign served to promote health and wellness among Algonquin employees by providing resources, conducting employee surveys and encouraging participation in various health challenges.

A Wellness website was maintained during this week and featured the workshop registration system, staff wellness stories, a picture gallery and offered health and wellness resources. (

Check out the wellness inspirational section of our web site where colleagues have shared their motivational stories with us. (

We would like to encourage staff to continue to make walking a regular part of their working day and to take advantage of the internal and external campus walk routes provided in the Fitness & Exercise section of our Wellness website (  You can download your activity log and start counting your steps towards entry in to our Walk Hall of Fame.  Check out our recent inductees into Algonquin’s Walk Hall of Fame (

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