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Algonquin By the People For the People Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Community Heros: Joyce Nolan

Joyce Nolan, a part-time Developmental Services Worker professor.  Joyce is also a graduate of the program.  Joyce is a self-proclaimed Super Hero by morning and professor by afternoon.  Joyce recently raised $1800 by herself for an  Easter Seals fundraiser to help children with physical disabilities.  For her contributors, she had to scale down the Delta Hotel downtown in a pink tutu.  We just happen to have the pictures as proof!  Unfazed, she commented with: “…any reason for a girl to wear a pink tutu!”

Joyce says that the events of 9/11 affected her greatly. She realized then that “my community is not just the 5 blocks I live within.”  Since then, she has gone to Guatemala as a volunteer with World Vision, gone to Tanzania with TEMBO, and visited orphanages in Rwanda on a fact finding mission.  She has recently been approached to sit on the Board of Directors for Real Estate with a Reason, an organization that rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers in Uganda. 

In order to not set the bar too high for this column, we will just add that Joyce also volunteers her time with 4 local organizations!  In 2001 Joyce was named Ottawa’s Volunteer of the Month for September.

What is Joyce giving this Christmas?  She is giving goats, chickens and feed to the families she met in Tanzania!

Joyce,  you are amazing and inspiring.  My hat is off to you.

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