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Healthy Communities

There is a community wellness movement that is gaining momentum. It focuses on the premise that communities that look after each other will prosper.  Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, has figured this out and Kim Tysick, the Dean of Health, Public Safety and Community Studies is onto it as well. She  is spearheading a healthy communities initiative called Health and Wellness.  You will be hearing more about this I am sure.

If you have read the forward to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, you will understand where this premise coming from.  If you have not, I highly recommend the book for the enlightening content –  it is especially informative for us in the work we do here at the Algonquin.  However, if nothing else, read the inspiring introduction. It describes Dr. Stewart Wolf’s study in the sixties of Roseto, Pennsylvania, a tightly-knit Italian community with paesani cultural roots and entrenched values based on the belief that what is good for the community is good for the individual. Members of this community experienced far less heart disease than was statistically the case elsewhere in the United States.

Rewarding Unsung Heroes in the Community

If you watched Oprah’s Favourite Things episodes in mid-November you would have noticed she is on this bandwagon and rewarded the unsung heroes in our communities with literally thousands of dollars in gifts for their contributions of time and energy to improve our world.

Unfortunately, we are not Oprah and cannot afford to shower our everyday heroes with lavish gifts, but we can celebrate their stories and recognize them for their selfless acts of kindness and caring. 

If you have a colleague who is active in the community deserves recognition in this column, submit a short article at, or contact a member of the editorial team.

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