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Algonquin Professor Self-Publishes His “Richtoons”

Richtoon book coverRich Lauzon, a professor of General Arts and Science’s Pre-Animation and Illustration program and creator of the new Introduction to Concept Art program, has a big announcement to make: He is in the process of self-publishing his first book, The Art of Richtoon.

“I am a huge fan of artist sketchbooks and art books. I have 500 of them. I use them as a mini library for my students for reference and inspiration. Over the years, many of my students and colleagues asked me why I don’t have my own sketch book published? After so many people saying it, I finally had to give it some serious thought.” Reflects Rich “So now I will have my own Art of Rich book.”

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Professor Booker

Professor Booker gets caught up in the projector screen.

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