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Algonquin Professor Self-Publishes His “Richtoons”

Richtoon book coverRich Lauzon, a professor of General Arts and Science’s Pre-Animation and Illustration program and creator of the new Introduction to Concept Art program, has a big announcement to make: He is in the process of self-publishing his first book, The Art of Richtoon.

“I am a huge fan of artist sketchbooks and art books. I have 500 of them. I use them as a mini library for my students for reference and inspiration. Over the years, many of my students and colleagues asked me why I don’t have my own sketch book published? After so many people saying it, I finally had to give it some serious thought.” Reflects Rich “So now I will have my own Art of Rich book.”

caricature of manThis hardcover book will showcase more than 800 of Rich’s artwork of the past few years.  The book contains a great variety of styles and subject matter. You will find zombies, robots, caricatures, cartoons, otherworldly environments and a few sketches of people sitting in meetings. Rich has been known to sketch people during meetings. Who knows? Maybe you are in the book.

Jessica Borutski, a former student of Rich when he taught in the Animation Program, wrote the forward for the book. The new Algonquin Hall of Fame recipient is currently working for Warner Brothers on the new Bugs Bunny show.

“Rich Lauzon’s book, The Art of Richtoon offers a great variety of imagination, styles and techniques that will appeal to any artist that has a passion for drawing.”
Stephen Silver Character Designer for Kim Possible and Danny Phantom

sci fi sceneRich is self-publishing from the purist sense of the term. He designed the book, is in charge of promoting the book as well as selling each book personally. He is considering arrangements with local art stores, comic book shops and our own First Class book store.

“At the moment, I am trying to raise some money for the print run with pre-orders. I am currently at 65% of my target. There is no such thing as too many pre-orders” said Rich.

If you Pre-Order my book before January 31st, you will get:

  1. Your name will be added in a special acknowledgment page in the book
  2. A signed book.
  3. A sketch in the book.
  4. A 5 x 7 colour print.
  5. A chance to win a large print at the Book Launch Party in May.


Support Rich by Pre-Ordering His Book

You can pre-order the book on Rich’s blog You will find the Paypal “Buy Now” buttons on the right hand side of the blog. You can also make arrangements with Rich to hand over the money directly at the college. Email him at

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