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Valentine’s Day – Looking Beyond the Hype

Valentine’s Day can be different things to different people. For some, it is a day of expectation, waiting to see what special treat or trinket the signficant other has dreamed up. For others, it is a day to celebrate love by exchanging cards, flowers and dinner reservations. For many, it is just another day, sometimes a day just to get through by tuning out all of the special-day-of-love fuss and try to forget that there is no one to send a card to.

Here is a small collection of what some folks do – or have done – for Valentine’s Day.

. . .

My husband and I do not usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in a particularly special way. We may have a nice dinner with wine and candles at home, but that is not really different from many other Friday nights, Tuesday nights, or any other. What we do make sure to do on that day is talk to our mums.

Virtual Tea With Mum

My mum lives in another city, so we don’t see each other every week, but we do talk to each other on the phone almost every day, and on Saturday afternoons, if we are both not busy, we will call each other and have tea “together” over the phone. We make sure to boil the water and make some tea, then we sit down in a comfy chair and have a nice phone chat while we have tea together.

On Valentine’s Day, I always send my mum some flowers. She lives alone in an apartment in a busy seniors residence, and is part of a group of 8 very busy, very chatty women. For me, the most important thing that I can do on Valentine’s Day is to let my mum know that she is thought of, that she is special and that she is loved. And of course, then she will also have some lovely flowers to brag to her friends about too!

Don’t Leave Dad Out!

For Valentine’s Day (and every holiday), I send my Dad a card, sometimes with a gift card in it. This year, since someone was heading home, I bought him some health food supplements and wrapped them up in Valentine’s Day paper and sent to him.  I mailed the card separately…with Valentine’s Day stickers on it, just to embarrass him with the postal workers at home (he knows them all).  Last year when he was up in March, my brothers and I “treated” him to an appointment with the Naturopath that I go to. She had some great suggestions which are working well, hence the health food supplements as gifts sine he can’t get them back home.

.  .  .

Treat the Nieces and Nephews — and the Cat Too!

Every Valentine’s Day (and again, every holiday), I send cards to my niece and nephew with stickers and some money to treat themselves to some Timbits, and their parents to a coffee.  I also remember my cat when holidays roll around … he gets a treat or a new toy…and extra cuddle/brushing time.  He likes to unwrap gifts.

.  .  .

Spread Out the Love!

I’m a bit of a Valentine’s Day curmudgeon. As the years pass, I haven’t given too much thought to the holiday. Last year, I did spend time with my significant other. We went to Tremblant for some skiing. We had really looked forward to that ski getaway – only to be disappointed by the massive line ups at the ski lift.  So, it turned out to be an expensive day of waiting. We did have a nice dinner that evening – but we would have done that regardless of the fact that it was Valentine’s Day. Basically, my take on the holiday is this:  don’t cram your love and appreciation into one day — spread it throughout the whole year!

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