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Algonquin By the People For the People Thursday, November 27, 2014
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The Latest Kudos Recipients

Sandy Ouellette Caron Fitzpatrick Celine Perrier

Sandy Ouellette, Caron Fitzpatrick, and Celine Perrier

Thank you for your neverending sense of humour, strategically delivered words of wisdom and astounding sense of team!  

Nominated by Sylvia Densmore  





Derek Bond and Tom Crooks

Derek Bond and Tom Crooks

Derek and I took over as coordinators earlier this year and it wasn’t an easy transition. Derek’s passion for animation, our program and the learning process of our students has been a huge asset for the program. His experience and knowledge have been a rock for me as I learn the coordinating ropes. Kudos Mr. Bond for all that you do.  

Nominated by Tom Crook  




Cresdelle Zubrycki

Cresdelle Zubrycki

Cresdelle works in the Finance department as a Financial Analyst. I am continuously impressed by her strong work ethic and dedication to serving clients of the College. For many years, I have received outstanding service from Cresdelle, especially during the most tyring of times: budget prep, quarterly reviews, and year end. And always with a smile on her face! It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone who knows the meaning of efficiency.  

Thanks Cresdelle, I have always been able to rely on your courteous and prompt attention to questions that I have.  

Nominated anonymously.  




Beth Cameron

Beth Cameron

On behalf of the faculty of Child and Youth Worker program, I would like to nominate Beth Cameron, Secretary for Community Studies. Beth has been a true champion of the program and has gone above and beyond in supporting the fundraising efforts and team spirit within the CYW program. When Beth learned that the second year students were implementing “Plaid Mondays”, she put her creative talents to work. Over the summer, Beth made plaid buttons with “Monday” embroidered on each one that the students could sell to classmates and faculty. If students catch you not wearing plaid on Mondays, then you are asked to donate to the graduation fund. To date, they have received over $200. Beth has also created a beautiful “I Spy” quilt and donated it to the first year students as part of their fundraising efforts for their community service learning projects. The funds raised from the ticket sales will support Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, and TEMBO. It is clear that Beth values the students and their learning. In generously sharing her talents, creative ideas, and enthusiasm, she has contributed significantly to the student experience. Thanks Beth for your on-going support and team spirit!  

Nominated by Jane Trakalo small egg

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  1. Comment by Catherine Lee on April 14, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Wow ! It is obvious that all of these Algonquin employees richly deserve the praise and admiration of their colleagues. Really great to see this.
    And wonderfull that all of the nominators took the time to put forward their co-workers names.

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