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Student Transitions: It Takes a Team

Written by Jeremy McQuigge, Student Transition Coordinator

Over the course of the last year, I have been grateful for the numerous opportunities to speak with various college groups (faculties, committees, planning teams and student groups) regarding the Generation Y (GenY) learner.  But, how did it all start?  I was asked to guest blog for the Innovation Station on the Insights into Generation Y: 5 Key Thoughts for Developing Engagement.  This blog posting went on to stimulate a series of dialogues both internally and externally to the college community.  And the requests keep coming in for more information on student transitions, so I launched a blog at:  This blog is focused on understanding the research behind student involvement, student transitions, student engagement and student leadership practices.  While traditionally these topics have been confined to Student Affairs divisions at post-secondary institutions, it is my goal to bring these theories, ideas and concepts to every division and classroom within our college. 

Through my role as the Student Transition Coordinator at Algonquin College, and as the Ontario Coordinator and Canadian Network Chair with the National Orientation Directors Association, I have been able to get the conversation started but now I need your assistance as college staff, faculty and administrators to bring these topics to a deeper level. We are a large community with a lot of amazing programming that is happening as a part of the student transition process.  Unfortunately, many of these programs / initiatives are going unrecognized because the creators lack the professional development to make the connections to the appropriate transition theories to elevate these concepts to a higher level of effectiveness and therefore preventing these programs from being shared as best practices. 

I encourage you to read a couple of the postings over at my blog and you’ll be surprised at what you discover.  Odds are you are already doing something in your program or service area which connects with a theory that supports student transitions, persistence, engagement and ultimately retention.  Our best hope at achieving higher levels of persistence is to do more with less, and to get focused and move forward as a large, comprehensive group of professionals committed to a core strategy to moving the retention number forward.  I will be blogging on this concept in more detail in the next week, so stay tuned!

Take care,
-Jeremy McQuigge

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    Jeremy — Great article & positive energy. And very interesting blog as well. Thanks !

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