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Vet Tips: Flea Facts

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Written By: Dr. Anne Downes, Professor, Veterinary Technology Program

As the weather warms up, signs of new life appear in many places– including the fur of your family pet!

Here are a few “flea facts” that may help temper the annoyance of a flea problem with grudging admiration for this tiny insect.

Immature fleas are very hardy and can readily survive our cold Canadian winters. They have evolved the amazing ability to delay hatching until stimulated by vibrations, warmth and an increase in carbon dioxide. As all three of these things are provided by the breath of an approaching animal the adult flea is actually pre-programmed to emerge at the exact moment your unsuspecting pet ambles by.

 Adult fleas have the incredible ability to jump several feet up in the air. This allows them to easily jump from the ground to the body of an animal and lodge themselves in the warmth and relative safety of the hair coat.

Fleas can be a real cause of frustration to pets and people as many animals are actually allergic to the saliva of the flea. This means that even just a small number of fleas can cause an allergic pet to lick, chew and scratch their skin until it is raw.

Luckily, the right medication makes it quite easy to prevent or treat a flea problem. Prevention is the easiest approach and many of the monthly medications that prevent heartworm also help protect your pet from fleas. Your veterinarian is the best resource for information on the variety of products that are available.

Please visit our website to see some of the wonderful animals available for adoption right here at this campus. Please also take a look at some of the lovely cats and dogs that have recently left Algonquin College and returned to the SPCA de l’Outaouis in Gatineau.

If you would like more information about any of these pets please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Slater by phone or email.

Phone: 727-4723 ext 7201


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