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Sue Goldman says “farewell”

A retirement party was hosted for Counsellor Sue Goldman on May 30th in T-304.  We linked up with Sue who wanted to convey a personal farewell message to the College community.  This is what Sue had to say.

I have been at Algonquin since 1976 and I started part-time in the Counseling department at the Rideau Campus where I remained for 2 years.  I then did a 1 year at Colonel By in the Counseling department and came to the Woodroffe Counseling department in 1979 and have remained there ever since.

There were 2 things that made my career at Algonquin so enjoyable: the people I worked with and the students .

It was wonderful being able to wake up every day and enjoy going into work.  Not all people have the luxury of loving their jobs as I did.  I have made lifelong friends at the college who have been there to support me during my illness these past 2 years.

I will miss seeing students and helping them to solve their issues, but it is time to move on to another phase of life.  My memories of projects such as Peer Tutoring, A-Bay, TERT and the wonderful pot luck parties we had in the Counseling department will keep my memories of the last 35 years at Algonquin alive!

I wish everyone in Student Services the best over the next few years at Algonquin. There will be many challenges to meet, but I know that the wonderful staff that I worked with over the years will be able to succeed.

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