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Wayne McIntyre Grateful For Many Great Years at Algonquin

Wayne McIntyreWayne McIntyre, former Director of Student Services, retired from Algonquin College on September 30, 2011 and asked to share the following parting words with us ….
“As many people know I am leaving Algonquin College after 25 Years and it has been the best years of my life.

My first opportunity to connect with Algonquin College was when I was a General Manager at a Canadian Tire Store in Ottawa and Iwas asked to participate on a School of Business Advisory Committee.  During the time on the committee I was asked if I would like to teach part-time in the Retail Management Program. One year later, I applied and obtained a full-time teaching position and my life changed forever.

The most fulfilling job I have ever held at Algonquin was being a professor, helping facilitate learning within the School of Business. I had the opportunity to teach over 30 different courses over 15 years and was mentored by some of the best people in the world. Every day I would learn something new about teaching or learning styles and because of the great team of professors working with me, I became a strong focused professor, demanding excellence from my students and making them responsible for their learning. The core values Algonquin has today been around long before they were listed on plaques, these values help me follow the right path during my journey at Algonquin and made me who I am today. After becoming a professor I became a coordinator of three programs, then the Chair of the Marketing Management Studies, then Associate Dean of the School of Business and finished my journey as Director of Student Support Services.

Over my career at Algonquin, teaching was the most satisfying, being a Chair was the most difficult and Director of Student Support Services was the best job of all (in the world). As Director I was able to focus on change, work on some great projects and most of all support our students in so many ways.

My four years as Director has allowed me to see another side of the College, services that many academics never have a chance to see. The services offered at the College are top notch and are well recognized throughout the province. The Student Support Service Team of over 100 employees is one of a kind, who are very committed and looks at things with a focus of the student. When I started as Director, I thought I knew what Student Support Services was all about; it took me a while in the position before I really understood Student Support Services and the many different roles they play in preparing our students for success.

During the past 25 years I have seen the College footprint grow, many new interesting programs added, but the biggest thing that affected me over the 25 years was the great friends I have made.

I am not sure if you can really prepare for retirement, I thought I had, but leaving something that has been part of your life for many years, it takes its toll. I can honestly say I miss my College family, I miss wheeling down the halls, talking to my friends, and most of all I miss the contact with the students.
Thank you for a great 25 years!”

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