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Looking For InspirationLive Laugh Learn is a place to find quick tips, have a chuckle, and read articles on topics you can relate to.

Work is more than what happens at your desk. It’s also the enrichment we gain when learning about the personal passions and pursuits of our colleagues.

Browse the short features and learn about someone or something new within the Algonquin community!!

Editorial Board

Nancy Boughner, School of Media and Design
Beth Cameron, School of Health and Community Studies
Jeanine Chaisson, Event Planning
Raphael Gera, Centre for Organizational Learning,  Site Administrator
Louisa Lambregts, Centre for Organizational Learning, Editor
Catherine Lee, Book Store
Valerie Sayah, Centre for Organizational Learning


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This is publication is for you. Share your interests and your stories. Leave comments about what individuals have written. You can also send us a note to suggest article ideas.

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