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Foot Notes: A Solution for Plantar Fasciitis


plantar fasciitis

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By Stephen Handel, Head Athletic Therapist, Algonquin Athletics

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The Plantar Fascia is a very thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes.  This band of tissue is what creates the arch of the foot.  When the fascia is overstretched or overused, it can become inflamed.  When the fascia is inflamed, it can be painful and make walking more difficult.

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Who Needs A Custom Orthotic?

By Stephen Handel, Head Athletic Therapist, Algonquin Athletics

foot with orthoticNot everyone requires a custom orthotic (or shoe insert) and it is up to a qualified professional to provide you with the pros/cons of a custom orthotic versus an off the shelf insert.

A person whose feet are not a normal shape or size, or who have asymmetry when comparing the right and left, will need a custom fitted orthotic for a proper fit.

If there are biomechanical dysfunctions or structural imbalances, specific corrective support is definitely necessary.

small eggIf the purpose is to decrease excessive pronation (rolling in of the foot) or to improve support for the spine and pelvis, custom-fitted orthotics will be more effective in the long term.

foot with orthotic.The time investment and higher cost of a custom orthotic is usually recovered quickly by decreases in recurring symptoms and fewer visits to the doctor’s office. The significance of improved function in daily and recreational activities is obvious to most people, who will accept the somewhat higher costs in exchange for the long-term health and wellness benefits.

You can schedule a personalized gait analysis and biomechanical assessment at the Algonquin Sports Therapy Clinic to determine if a custom orthotic is right for you.  Your College Benefits Package will cover a percentage of the cost of a custom orthotic.  Call ext 6585 today for an appointment.

Stephen Handel

Stephen Handel operates the Algonquin Sports Therapy Clinic, is the Head Athletic Therapist for Algonquin Athletics, and is an Instructor in the Fitness and Health Promotion program.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Diploma in Sports Injury Management, and is a Certified Athletic Therapist.

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Lights… Camera… Action! IT’S OSCAR NIGHT!

Oscar StatuetteHollywood came to Pembroke on Sunday, February 27 along with many Algonquin College supporters.  The fundraiser for the new campus project brought in over $20,000 through donations, sponsorships and activities held during the evening. 

In addition, Algonquin College was also presented with a cheque of $100,000 by the RBC Foundation for the three campuses—Woodroffe, Perth, and Pembroke.  Of that generous donation, $25,000 is allocated for Renaissance Square, the new Ottawa Valley Campus. 

Pembroke Campus Dean Karen Davies greeted guests as they were announced on the red carpet and Jamie Bramburger emceed the event.  Some of the Woodroffe staff who attended “A Night at the Oscars” included Deborah Rowan-Legg, Brenda Rothwell, and Gerry Barker.  Jock Climie, Max Keeping, and Dawn Dube welcomed and interviewed guests as they arrived.  Some of the “fantasy” stars included Elvis and Priscilla, Lucille Ball, Cher, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

Guests enjoyed a number of activities during the evening including a movie trivia quiz, glamour photos, an Oscar pool, casino games, live entertainment, delicious food, and full Oscar coverage in The Brick.  Great prizes were an added attraction and included a trip to the Calgary Stampede and a 3D television package. 

TVCOGECO will be producing a 30-minute show of the event which will feature testimonials from a number of Algonquin College supporters.  A short clip of the event can be seen at this link:

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Are You Overtraining?

 What is Overtraining?

By Pierre Chartier, Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion and Recreation and Leisure Services

person resting head on exercise machineExcessive training refers to training in which volume, intensity, or both are increased too quickly, without proper progression. Such conditioning can lead to chronic states of fatigue associated with muscle glycogen depletion.

Overtraining occurs when the stresses of excessive training can exceed the body’s ability to recover and adapt, which results in more catabolism (breakdown) than anabolism (buildup) of muscle. Overtraining is characterized by a sudden decline in performance that cannot be remedied by a few days of rest and dietary manipulation.

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Community Heros: Joyce Nolan

Joyce Nolan, a part-time Developmental Services Worker professor.  Joyce is also a graduate of the program.  Joyce is a self-proclaimed Super Hero by morning and professor by afternoon.  Joyce recently raised $1800 by herself for an  Easter Seals fundraiser to help children with physical disabilities.  For her contributors, she had to scale down the Delta Hotel downtown in a pink tutu.  We just happen to have the pictures as proof!  Unfazed, she commented with: “…any reason for a girl to wear a pink tutu!”

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