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The Latest Kudos Recipients

Sandy Ouellette Caron Fitzpatrick Celine Perrier

Sandy Ouellette, Caron Fitzpatrick, and Celine Perrier

Thank you for your neverending sense of humour, strategically delivered words of wisdom and astounding sense of team!  

Nominated by Sylvia Densmore  





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icon for post Kudos to Nancy Caithness!

By Julie Viau

KUDOS Nancy CaithnessI would like to nominate Nancy Caithness, TSSA Coordinator, School of Transportation and Building Trades.  I believe that in order for any office environment to work well, you need teamwork, and I could not get a better teammate than Nancy.

Nancy is intelligent, quick, witty, and has a great attitude.  She constantly performs above average and whenever you ask her for help, she responds.  Her assistance, especially during budget crunch, has been instrumental to the success of presenting budget in a timely fashion.  I am proud to recommend her and to be her co-worker.

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Picture of Unsung HeroOur Algonquin colleagues do wonderful, amazing things everyday that make our work lives easier and more enjoyable. Some receive formal recognition through initiatives such as the annual Staff Awards program. However, perhaps there are times throughout the year when you wish to express gratitude to a fellow employee. Could be someone in your own department, from another department or another campus.

This feature is a place to shine a light on the “behind the scenes” unsung heroes whose special actions are perhaps not as visible.

Spring 2010 Kudos Winners

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How to Nominate a Colleague for “Kudos”

Prepare a note that completes the information below. Print and send via Internal Mail to Live Laugh Learn c/o C134.

  • Your Name (optional – can can nominate someone anonymously)
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What Will Nominees Receive?

  • A “Kudos Corner” ribbon with a fun “kudos” message and Live Laugh Learn pen
  • A profile with picture and why they were nominated in the Live Laugh Learn newsletter
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