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icon for post It’s Time for Bubbles!

two champagne glassesBells jingle, relatives arrive, Santa jiggles, turkey’s stuffed and the Visa card’s smokin’. You guessed it – it’s the Holiday Season.

It’s also the time for wine with bubbles and there are four general categories from which to choose, all with their own price tag.

For six or seven dollars you can get bubbles in your wine, made in what’s known as the ‘bicycle-pump method’. Carbon dioxide is added to the wine by being forced into it. It adds nothing but bubbles, usually to a wine that’s not very good. You now have a wine that’s not very good with bubbles… that dissipate quickly.

For twelve to twenty dollars a bottle you can have a wine that’s fermented twice, the second time in a large closed tank retaining the bubbles, called ‘cuvée close’. The wine is then bottled under pressure. Wineries going to this amount of work usually start with a decent wine leaving you with a good wine with bubbles.

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