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Algonquin By the People For the People Thursday, May 25, 2017
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icon for post Christmas Gingerbread

By Chef Mark Steele

Gingerbread MenThe oldest and most loved recipe that exists in my family’s recipe vault is gingerbread. I’ve been eating (and baking) these cookies since I can remember, and it is the standard by which I judge all other gingerbread. I have since learned that gingerbread comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, firmness, etc, but in my mind, nothing can touch my grandmother’s recipe.

In my household, gingerbread is a year round favorite. We don’t wait for the holidays to break out the cloves, ginger and molasses. In fact, my five year old son has already mastered the art of cutting out gingerbread men, and as soon as they’re baked, eating all of their heads off!  But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few tins of gingerbread on hand to share with friends and neighbors.

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Two Chefs on the Road

Written By David Keindel

Over 50 But Not Over the Hill

Culinary Chef Mario Ramsay and Pastry Chef Chris Rutishauser, full time faculty at Algonquin College in Ottawa, have cycled from Jasper Alberta, all the way home to Ottawa in less than 30 days.

In addition to the personal challenge, a key element of the adventure for the pair was to provide inspiration for their students at Algonquin College. The riders want to remind students to set goals, strive for excellence, and maintain an active lifestyle throughout their careers and lives.

Both riders spent months preparing physically, riding their bikes to work at the College regularly and on weekend outings, to build strength and endurance. They spent time planning the route and deciding on the correct supplies that would allow them to camp in tents as often as possible, and still maintain a pace that would get them home in less than 30 days.

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