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Are You Overtraining?

 What is Overtraining?

By Pierre Chartier, Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion and Recreation and Leisure Services

person resting head on exercise machineExcessive training refers to training in which volume, intensity, or both are increased too quickly, without proper progression. Such conditioning can lead to chronic states of fatigue associated with muscle glycogen depletion.

Overtraining occurs when the stresses of excessive training can exceed the body’s ability to recover and adapt, which results in more catabolism (breakdown) than anabolism (buildup) of muscle. Overtraining is characterized by a sudden decline in performance that cannot be remedied by a few days of rest and dietary manipulation.

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Insider New Year’s Fitness Tips

It is February – the holidays are over and life has returned back to normal.  Post- holidays,  some of us noticed a few extra pounds; others  made up their mind to be more fit in 2011. Well, besides all the cliché’s about New Year’s resolutions, the New Year is a perfect time to start on the right foot, a healthy foot!!! Read more…

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