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Montfort Discovers Everest Challenge

Written by Jennifer Daly-Cyr

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Help a hospital, and ultimately its patients, in need.I am about to embark on a journey that will help raise funds not only for our local Montfort Hospital, but also for the Lukla Hospital in Nepal. 

 I believe that, together, we can attain our collective goal of raising $250,000 to purchase a new Mobile C-Arm for the Montfort.

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Hot Trip to Australia

Written by Beth Haliburton, Designer and Illustrator, The Print Shop

I had never wanted to go to Australia before – the extra long flights, poisonous ‘everything’ and the heat kept me away. But we went there to visit my sister-in-law, and when did we go? Of course we went in Australia’s blazing hot summer.

Silly me.

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Thor! The Globe Trotting Mascot

Thor's TravelsYou have seen him here at College sporting events, cheering on the Thunder (like on March 5th when the Thunder won the OCAA Women’s Basketball Provincial Championship!).  Perhaps you are his Facebook friend, or you have seen him hanging around the Bookstore .

But, do you know that he has been spotted in over two dozen counties on 6 different continents? It’s true! Algonquin’s very own mascot is a seasoned world traveler, and he has the photos to prove it!

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Algonquin Chefs Cook for the James Beard Foundation in NYC

By Mark Steele, Executive Chef, Algonquin College

The James Beard Foundation is a New York-based national professional non-profit organization that serves to promote the culinary arts by honoring chefs, wine professionals, journalists, and cookbook authors at annual award ceremonies, providing scholarships and educational opportunities to cooking hopefuls.

Foodies know James Beard as being a gastronomic pioneer. He hosted one of the first food shows on television in the fifties. His cookbooks, writings for various journals, and his James Beard Cooking School brought notoriety to American cuisine. His name bears a legacy of culinary excellence and wholesome American food.

Notable past chefs  with connections to the James Beard Foundation include: Daniel Boulud, Emeril Lagasse, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jacques Pepin, and Charlie Trotter.

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Seychelles – A Bit of Heaven on Earth

By Louisa Lambregts

“After God had finished creating the world, he had a handful of diamonds left over. He came upon a place just east of Africa where he thought to himself, ‘Here I can create something marvellous’, and so he scattered the remaining diamonds in the ocean. Thus the ‘Seychelles’ were born.” Excerpt from

Marvellous doesn’t even begin to describe Seychelles.

giant tortoise

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