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International Development Organizations


The Expedition Africa Team traveled through Nine African countries, starting from Cairo in Egypt and ending in Cape Town in South Africa. Along the way through the different countries and cities, the Expedition Africa Team visited a number of organizations, mainly non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that focus on International Development work.

Most of the organizations visited, listed below by country, are benefiting from Canadian Funds, mainly channeled through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Only one NGO – namely the Swedish Clowns Without Borders, is not funded directly by Canadian funds.

Please click on the different countries to view the curriculum material gathered for each organization visited in each of the countries. Please note that the documents, pictures and videos gathered can be viewed and downloaded. 






The Canadian-Africa Community Health Alliance (

The Canadian-Africa Community Health Alliance is an organization which works to improve the health of communities in Africa through the development of genuine Canada-Africa partnerships.  CACHA supports orphanages and community groups in many African countries.  CACHA also sends medical missions to rural Africa in effort to help educate and treat those who do not have access to health care services.