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 Expedition Africa Legacy – On the Road Again!

Building on the success of Small World Big Picture (SWBP) Expedition Africa project, Algonquin College is committed to help educate the Canadian youth about Africa by continuing our Expedition Africa journey….straight into schools across Ontario. Through a video and live presentation by Ben Webster, our goal is to reach a broader audience and help create a stronger social awareness of the strengths and weakness facing the continent of Africa through our “Impact” campaign.

Presentation Information

We would like to share our project and experiences with your students through a one-hour auditorium or gym presentation format. The presentation is motivational in nature, raising awareness to important issues concerning Africa and education.

Our presentations consist of:

- a 15-min video detailing the Expedition. Click here to view parts of our video!

- a 20 min presentation by Ben Webster, the Expedition Africa Team Leader

- a 25 min question and answer session

Why A Presentation About Africa?

Globalization is changing the way we look at our world, making our world smaller than it used to be. Expedition Africa brings the reality of Africa to the Canadian students, allowing them to understand how what happens in Africa affects us right here in Canada.

Africa is emerging as a global hot spot and our future generation, our future leaders, need to grasp the reality of Africa. They need to be socially aware of what takes place in other parts of the world; Canadian students need to be informed about Africa.

Ben Webster – The Expedition Africa Team Leader

From summiting Mount Everest to traveling across Africa, Ben Webster is one of the world’s most accomplished expedition leaders. In a career spanning over 25 years, he has led over 30 expeditions on six continents.Shaunna Burke

As an acclaimed Television Producer, Filmmaker and Photojournalist, Ben continues to open the eyes of many through Expedition Africa, showing Canada and the world what Africa has to offer. He is one of the most highly-motivated people you could ever meet and a role-model to many. Ben’s many accomplishments include leading five major multimedia expeditions on Mount Everest and producing the award winning Discovery Channel’s documentary mini-series, “Ultimate Survival: Everest.” With Expedition Africa, Ben led his team across nine African countries, producing media coverage and learning materials about the people and cultures of

Africa, and the strengths and weaknesses facing African communities.


For More Information:

Click here to download the Expedition Africa – Legacy Presentation brochure, filled with information about the presentation and the Expedition Africa project.

Want to watch our “Expedition Africa – Making an Impact” video, click here to watch segments of our video!

Click here to watch another part of the video, about one of the countries visited by Expedition Africa!

For more Information about the presentations and/or to register your schools for an Expedition Africa Legacy Presentation, please contact:

Khairoon Abbas:
613-727-4723 ext. 3233


Tammy Thornton:
613-727-4723 ext. 5062