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Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board -      

Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board     As part of our Board’s spiritual theme this year, Who is My Neighbour? the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board will be reaching out in a variety of ways to our brothers and sisters in Africa. The richness of African life, culture, ecology, history, politics and art will be highlighted this year in a variety of curriculum areas.Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board 

 Our Catholic schools have a long tradition of social justice teaching and social action.  Many countries in east Africa are engaged with profound humanitarian problems.  The Gospel calls us to be both interested and engaged in respectful and meaningful support for the people of Africa. Of particular concern is the impact of HIV/AIDS on families, orphans, and the grandmothers who struggle to care for these children.  We look forward to ongoing legacy projects that express our solidarity with the people of Africa.  

Expedition Africa provides our schools with a unique opportunity to open our minds and our hearts to the people of Africa.
  Ottawa-Carleton District School Board - &    
Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board

    The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is proud to be associated with SWBP-Expedition Africa.  The opportunity for staff and students to learn more about Africa and to explore issues that are occurring in the continent, unfiltered by the media, will be invaluable.  Students are particularly excited about being able to connect with others in Africa and hearing directly from African students the issues that face them today.  The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board wants to ensure that there will be a legacy left after this trip that will impact not only students in Africa, but also students in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.  We will endeavour to bring the story of this great continent to the students of our District.

Renfrew County Catholic District School Board -
Renfrew County Catholic District School Board

     Our board has developed lessons for Locally Developed English and Mathematics at the grade nine level. The aim of these curricular materials is to encourage and empower students to make meaningful connections between what they know about their own lives in Canada and what they can learn about the lives of peoples in the Continent of Africa. Students will be encouraged to expand critical thinking skills, literacy skills and Mathematical reasoning skills by engaging in meaningful dialogue about their world. 

 We have also developed a curricular unit for grade 11 Art.  In this unit students will create a two-dimensional work that is philosophically linked with the Algonquin’s “Expedition Africa: Small world, Big Picture.” After studying the culture and art of Zanzibar Tanzania, students will endeavor to re-create their own tingatinga/ujamaa style of work. Their creation will, however, extend beyond the conventional parameters of these art forms as students are asked to incorporate into their works adaptations and extensions imposed upon them by nature of the classroom environment (i.e. the use of non-toxic materials and curriculum requirements).

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board -
Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is delighted to be a partner in the SWBP – Expedition Africa project.  The opportunity to engage our students both elementary and secondary in a “reality learning” experience will open the door to a new form of learning that will be exciting and rewarding. 

The Expedition Africa project is timely as it is an excellent follow up to the experience that our intermediate and senior students lived in the spring of 2006.  Our students met and listened to Lionel Davis, a former South African political prisoner, when he visited each of our secondary schools.  Lionel Davis was imprisoned on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela.  The students were inspired by Lionel’s message of forgiveness and hope and expressed a real interest in learning more about the people of Africa.

As we follow the expedition through the Eastern African countries, many of our secondary and elementary schools will have the opportunity to learn about the people, the culture, the environment, and the politics.  Curriculum lessons have been and will be generated to assist in the understanding of the realities and challenges facing the people of Africa.  The Algonquin website will provide relevant text, pictures and video to support the curriculum in the classroom.

Contact teachers in several elementary and secondary schools will facilitate the involvement at the local school level.  Culture and business are the primary areas of the board’s involvement in the project but connections in Math, English, Social Science, Geography, Physical Education, Religion, Social Justice, History and Anthropology will unfold as the expedition continues. 

It is the board’s intent to build on some of the existing legacy projects in Africa so that the students in the WECDSB will better appreciate that underdeveloped and developed nations worldwide must work together in the global world in which we live and work.
York Region District School Board -
York Region District School Board

In the York Region District School Board we unite to inspire and prepare learners for life in a changing world. As part of that commitment we understand the importance of opening our doors to the world as we seek to learn about others and be learned about.

The Board has a long tradition of supporting this type of learning through exchange programs, international co-op initiatives, welcoming international students from around the globe and inviting visitors to meet with students and staff to discuss issues that are of global concern. Most recently we have, through the Stephen Lewis Foundation, been involved in several projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa that provide relief and support for those dealing with the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Through these, many other local projects, and our Character Matters initiative, we have come to realize our capacity for compassion and the power of community to heal.

It is with this in mind that we consider our partnership with SWBP Expedition Africa a natural extension of our growing understanding of people, places, events and issues around the world. We have committed resources in the form of writing teams to develop curriculum in support of the expedition objectives and remain committed to supporting the project to its completion.

Our learning communities look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities that will be provided by the expedition to learn more of and connect with our colleagues and fellow students along the route.