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Rongai Satellite School


An Introduction

The small community of Rongai is located near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Rongai SchoolTanzania, East Africa.It consists of a number of small villages, the main one being Rongai. For many years now, the elementary school students from this community are faced with walking up to 10-15 kilometres a day morning and evening to get to the Rongai Primary School.

For the past few years, one makeshift classroom has been set up inside a poorly built church in this Rongai community, in the small village of Nali Muru. This reduces the walk for many students to only 4 – 6 kilometres a day. This overpopulated classroom is known as the Rongai Satellite School, instructing over 106 students, with one unclean toilet and no supply of water.


New Satellite SchoolNext to the Rongai Satellite School, lies an expanse of green space, allowing the community to build a new school for the children of this community. However, they face a number of difficulties, especially in terms of funding and resources. Through Algonquin College’s Small World Big Picture Expedition Africa, Algonquin College has been and continues to be involved in a number of fundraising initiatives. These initiatives allow all monies raised by the students and staff to go directly towards the building of this desperately needed school.


What Have We Done and Where Are We Now?

Building SchoolIn December 2006, an Algonquin College Carpentry Professor and student traveled to this Rongai community to meet with the Expedition Africa Team. Together, with the help of the local community, they united to construct a new school building for the students. This school was built to provide these students the proper infrastructure they need to receive the education they deserve.




Fundraising Initiatives

A number of fundraising initiatives are taking place within the Algonquin College family; events that involve the staff and students of Algonquin as well as the local community. All the dollars raised go directly towards the legacy fund. We hope to raise enough funds that will allow us to continue assisting this Rongai School Building Project; such as build a well with running water and provide better learning tools and materials to the school.

Below are our current fundraising projects:

The Event Management Program Events
The students of the Event Management Program here at Algonquin College planned and carried out eleven different events all in the name of the Rongai School Building Project. These events were incorporated into the students’ program to give them some practical work experience.

Below is a list of the events:

  1. Ottawa’s Sexiest Chef Competition – 1st February 2007
  2. Dinner with Moral Fibre – 3rd March 2007
  3. Ottawa vs Toronto Hockey Challenge (Pub Night)  - 10th March 2007
  4. Appetite for Education; Dinner at Café Mio – 14th March 2007
  5. Pool for Africa – 28th March 2007
  6. Silent Auction – 28th/29th March 2007
  7. Marshy’s Hockey Night – Bid for a Cause – 30th March 2007
  8. Battle for a Cause (Battle of the Bands) – 12th April 2007
  9. A Journey Through Africa (Food Fair &  Silent Auction) – 18th April 2007
  10. Rail Rumble – April 2007
  11. Car Wash -    April 2007


Sombra Café
Student and Staff can help contribute to this legacy fund by purchasing and selling Algonquin College Rainforest Coffee “SombraCafe Coffee.” For more information, please visit or contact Tammy Thornton at (613) 727 – 4723 ext 5062.

Get Involved!
For more information on how you can get your class and/or coworkers involved in fundraising opportunities for the Rongai School Building Project, please contact Tammy Thornton at (613) 727 4723 ext. 5062.


Future Opportunities
We plan to return to this Rongai community in Fall 2007 to help construct a second school, for the nine to eleven year old students.