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The Stories of Africa
*From Cairo to Cape Town*

If you want to learn about Africa and have a closer insight into the countries visited by Expedition Africa, their peoples and cultures and so much more, this is the place to be! This section is designed especially for you, those that are interested in learning more about African people and their culture.

We have a collection of up-to-date and reliable information, which comes to you in the form of articles, pictures, narrated videos and video interviews.

Learning about Africa is an endless journey, especially because of the great diversity of this vast continent, which is home to over 50 countries. Although the Expedition Africa team visited only Nine African countries, the materials collected and included in this section gives you a great insight into the lives and the cultures of the people the team came across.  

The materials below, which include articles, pictures and narrated videos, are organized by country. By selecting your specific topic (s) you will be able to view and download the materials.

Please note that additional information about all the African countries, the Landmarks of Africa and the History of Africa, please select “Small World Big Picture – Expedition Africa Adventure” on the homepage and then select “Info Africa.”







  • Leadership In Lesotho – Interviews of youth about Leadership