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Welcome to the Expedition Africa Journal page!
The Expedition Team reaches final Destination in Cape town, South Africa
Congratulations to the Expedition Africa team who reached their final destination of Cape Town, South Africa.  As the Expedition comes to a close and the team prepares to depart Africa and return to Canada, a new exciting legacy component will start to unfold in the weeks ahead.....SWBP - Expedition Africa - Legacy.   Please watch our web site for details in the near future.
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Expedition Africa Update

Follow Along with the Expedition Africa Team!

Written by an Expedition Africa team member, this journal reflects the chronology of events taking place; everything from what the team is going through, what the team is doing and what they are seeing to how the team feels. An overview of the team’s experiences as they travel through the continent of Africa. This journal is updated every few days!

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Follow Along with “Khairoon”

Khairoon AbbasThis journal is the intimate thoughts and feelings of a young African women returning to the continent of her birth to not only share what it has to offer to the world, but what it has to offer to her and her own growth. Khairoon not only investigates issues about Africa, but she also searches for answers for her own personal journey. Raw, real and emotional. This is a powerful expose of one person’s pursuit of knowledge. Read her journal twice a week! 

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

OCCSB High School Students

This journal is to give visitors a slightly different perspective of this project.  That perception is of Adam and Matthew MacDonald, two Ottawa high school students who have been training to climb Kilimanjaro; the highest peak in Africa.

Adam and Matthew will provide a daily update on this site and hope that readers

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