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General Information on all 54 countries of Africa
Africa Map
About Africa
Number of Countries : 54
30,065,000 sq km / 11,608,000 sq miles
Population: 877,500,000
Percent of Earth’s total Land: 20.2%

Africa is the world’s second largest continent with 53 independent countries. Africa is diverse in its peoples, cultures, religions and languages spoken. Africa is home to many beautiful landmarks, as listed below. For more information about these landmarks, click here.

Africa has a rich and poignant history; from the origins of African kingdoms and the slave trade era to the independence struggles of the 20th century. African countries continue to face economic and socio-political problems typical of developing countries. However, Africa is courageously working towards a better future. For a history of Africa, click here.

Did you know Africa’s…
There is so much about Africa that remains unknown to many. Here are some highlights of Africa’s interesting facts

Did you know Africa's...

  • Largest Country is the Republic of Sudan in North-Eastern Africa.
  • Smallest Country is the islands of the Seychelles; the Gambia is the smallest country on the African mainland.
  • Largest City is Cairo, Egypt’s capital city.
  • Highest Point is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
  • Lowest Point is LakeAsal in Djibouti
  • Northernmost tip is CapeBlanc in Tunisia
  • Southernmost tip is Cape Agulhas in South Africa
  • Largest Lake is Lake Victoria; it is also the second-largest freshwater lake in the world.
  • Deepest Lake is Lake Tanganyika located in Tanzania ; it is also the second deepest freshwater lake in the world
  • Longest River is the River Nile; it is also the longest river in the world. It is formed by the Blue Nile (originates from Lake Tana in Ethiopia) and the White Nile (originates from Lake Victoria. The Nile and its tributaries flows through nine different countries.
  • Africa is also home to The Great Rift Valley, the Namib Desert and the Sahara Desert.
  • Did you know that Lake Malawi has the largest number of fish species of any lake in the entire world?
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