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From Jan 11th 2007 - Jan 15th 2007

In Maseru
- Life in Lesotho

Jan 12th

In Pitseng
Visiting the HelpLesotho Camp in Pitseng

Jan 13th Back to South Africa

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Maseru, Lesotho
Maseru has been Lesotho’s capital since 1869. This former trading town has transformed into becoming Lesotho’s only large town. The increase in urbanization has led to the growth of the city’s population. There are many places to visit; from shops, restaurants and hotels to some vibrant markets. The city continues to undergo some reconstruction because of the 1998 incident when some shopping areas were burnt.

While we are in Lesotho, we will give you some highlights of the city, the activities that go on and how life is in this part of Southern Africa. How do you think its location within the larger country of South Africa affects Lesotho? This big question will be answered once we are set foot in Lesotho!

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Pitseng, Lesotho

We are visiting Pitseng, which is a small town in Lesotho, to highlight the difference that a Canadian organization, HelpLesotho, is making in the lives of the Basotho children and youth. Founded in 2004, HelpLesotho has been established to alleviate the effects of HIV/AIDS by promoting education and youth leadership development. The young people in this country are faced with several problems and as a result, only a few can overcome the challenges to remain in school and be the leaders of their country. As more and more doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders of Lesotho are dying of HIV/AIDS, we need to ask ourselves; who will replace them? HelpLesotho recognizes this problem and is addressing it by helping the lives of many young children. Here are the project’s main objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the crisis situation in Lesotho;
  • Twin schools and build one-one relationships between Canadians and the people of Lesotho; Develop simple, low-cost, accountable, locally based and championed projects in Lesotho;
  • Promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention among youth in Lesotho;
  • Foster hope and motivation in the children;
  • Support Lesotho teachers and schools with programs, resources, and volunteers;
  • Develop leadership and a sense of civic responsibility among Lesotho youth.

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As a registered charity, HelpLesotho partners public, private and volunteer resources in Canada and Lesotho in response to the devastating effects of poverty, gender inequality and HIV/AIDS in this southern African country. All of the organization’s projects have been developed in Lesotho and address Basotho needs. They are also accountable to both Canadian and Basotho partners. This project is making a huge difference in the lives of the Basotho. There are over 6,000 children benefiting from its programs.

When we arrive in Pitseng, the HelpLesotho Leadership Camp will be taking place. HelpLesotho’s second annual Leadership Camp scheduled to take place from January 14th-20th 2007. This event focuses greatly on gender equity, leadership, HIV/AIDS, communication and a lot of fun! The participants include students, teachers, principals and some project partners. Join us as we meet some young children and hear their stories as they tell us how this Canadian organization is making a difference in their lives!

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