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From Oct 3st 2006- Oct 17th 2006
Oct 3rd In Wadi Halfa
-Along River Nile to Karima, across Nubian desert
Oct 10th - 17th In Khartoum
-Sudan’s Reconstruction plan
-Oil production
-Arab North/African South conflict
-Darfour Situation
Oct 17th Leaving Sudan for Ethiopia
Sudan Route General - From Sudan to Khartoum
Egpt Route
From Aswan (Egypt) to Wadi Halfa (Sudan) Recorded date: October 3, 2006
Cairo - Sinai

Wadi Halfa - Learn more about:

- Wadi Halfa


From Wadi Halfa to Dongola Recorded date: October 4, 2006 to October 7, 2006

Wadi Halfa to Dongola



Travelling through the Desert Recorded date: September 8, 2006

Nubian Deser

Khartoum Recorded date: September 19th, 2006
In Khartoum

-Sudan’s Reconstruction plan
-Oil production
-Arab North/African South conflict
-Darfour Situation

Khartoum Images
Aerial View of Khartoum

Learn more about the places to be visited by the Expedition Team:

Wadi Halfa, Sudan
In northern Sudan lies a small town called Wadi Halfa, which is very close to the border of Egyptian and Sudan. This town is situated along the River Nile, close to the Nubian Desert. We will spend a few days in Wadi Halfa to tell you about how important this town is in transporting goods from Sudan to Egypt. And of course we will tell you more about the River Nile and how important it is to Sudan. To find out more about the town and how people survive in Wadi Halfa, follow the expedition to get all the information you need about Wadi Halfa.
Karima, Sudan
From Wadi Halfa, we make our way southwards to another small town along the River Nile called Karima. Karima is a market town on the Nile; it is here that people come from the surrounding districts to sell and buy different commodities. Karima and its surrounding areas are home to some ruins of small pyramids and a temple of Jebel Bakal. But who exactly is Jebel Bakal? Everything you need to know about Karima and what life is like is in this market town will be coming your way in early October!
Nubian Desert, Sudan
Sudan is home to the Nubian Desert, which lies between the Nile River (to its west) and the Red Sea (to its east). The land of the Nubian Desert is rather rocky and rugged, but there are some sand dunes, especially towards the Red Sea. This desert has some rather interesting features; there are many wadis (seasonal rivers) that die out before reaching the River Nile and there are some gentle slopes of sand dunes towards the Red Sea. Is this desert home to Sudanese nomads or is it an isolated desert? If there are any activities in this desert, we will inform you all about them, before we continue to another part of Sudan; Barbar.
Barbar, Sudan

Barbar lies next to the River Nile, north of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital city. In Barbar, we are meeting a Canadian Archeologist! Be sure to join us as we explore Barbar!

Khartoum, Sudan
KhartoumOur last stop in Sudan is Khartoum, the capital city, which lies at the junction of the White Nile and the Blue Nile (the two sources of the River Nile). Khartoum has a lot to offer to its visitors; the colonial downtown, the museums, the parks and of course the juncture of the two rivers. But as many know, Sudan is experiencing a civil war. While we are in Khartoum, we will tell you all about how this war is affecting the country and as well as the Arab North and the African South conflict. What is happening with Darfur? Did you know that as a result of the civil war, numerous towns have no sewage and electricity? We will tell you all about Sudan’s reconstruction plan after 23 years of war and its oil production. For more information on how Sudan is rebuilding itself, follow the expedition and all your questions will be answered! More information about Khartoum is available at: